Voted as one of the best new technology products in 2005 at the CERT Council, the SpecOps Security product MII Flashcam is an awesome tool. The product has been evaluated and tested in prison environments. It has been used in recording time checks for inmates that are being transported. It is being used in CHRT operations to assess situations, and for surrounding. The Breachers love it as a way to capture door locks in real time. HRSP – High Risk Security Patrol Units are using it to assist with search for contraband and interviewing inmates with its flash cam feature. It is a great way to document interviews of inmates in halls, work areas and dorms.

The MII Flashcam can upload pictures, and video with sound onto your computer for data storage and record keeping. This is a must-have for high-risk transport teams to log inmate activity on buses during movement during all hours of the day or night, the IR cam allows for low light surveillance and operations.

The MII Flashcam is making a name for itself among corrections units in SHU and GP areas as an excellent document recorder. Inmates do not know what it is and are unaware of what it is doing. This technology is the new standard in inmate intelligence gathering.

CERT Applications
US C-SOG has tested the MII Flashcam in a number of CERT Tactical Environments with application including HRIT Ops, CQRC, Dynamic Cell Extraction, HRSP Ops and Field Interview Ops, Low Light Ops and More. Currently this MII Flashcam is being used in a confidential project for breaching operations intel. More to come in next months issues of CERT News.